Are you looking to ship your car?  DIRECT AUTO SHIP is the best online resource to transport your vehicle.
Communicate DIRECTLY with the transporter that has your car! No Broker Turmoil!

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Whether local, national or international, this network can meet your auto / vehicle transporting needs. We offer a carefree experience that will connect you directly to an auto / vehicle transporter that can ship your car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, ATV, RV or even your boat, to any destination in the world, WITHOUT A BROKER. DIRECT AUTO SHIP is NOT A BROKER, therefore no broker fees will be added to your cost. You pay, and communicate with the transporter directly, which saves you up to 100's of dollars. When you fill out the simple form below, you will see a list of the transporters, and their credentials, that will be carrying your vehicle. Click here to see how it works. Your carefree auto / vehicle shipping experience will be one that you will use and recommend time and time again.

Fill out this simple form to find an Auto Transporter YOU Communicate with!

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It's as easy as sitting in front of a computer.
Simply fill out the form on the left, click the Submit button, and within seconds, have a list of carriers / transporters that you can communicate with DIRECTLY.
No middle man, No Broker!
Read this page to educate yourself of the "Woes" of going through a Broker.


Most Transporters that you find on the internet and in the Yellow Pages are BROKERS!
DIRECT AUTO SHIP puts you in communication with the ACTUAL TRANSPORTER.

What's that mean to you?
Higher Rates and a Potential Lost Vehicle
* Read Comments and Analysis

You have the right to ask them for the Certified Credentials listing them as a transporter.


Transporters run by routes, i.e. from County to County. Some transporters stay within their own county (Local Transporting). Some transporters travel counties within their own state of business, also known as Local Transporting. Other transporters will travel to counties across the nation. For example, one will travel from Los Angeles County in California to Miami-Dade County in Florida (National Transporting). As they travel from one county to the next, they can pickup or deliver vehicles anywhere on the route they travel. These are transporters that remain on the soil of the Continental United States.

Then there are transporters that can provide service to have a vehicle cross the water or cross the American borders. These transporters are called International Transporters. Read below to see how the International transporters we have in our system will save you hours of time, not to mention the headaches of not knowing the bureaucracy of shipping your vehicle outside of the United States.

What DIRECT AUTO SHIP has done for you:

We have recruited some of the best transporters in the nation and listed them in our extensive database. DIRECT AUTO SHIP has a large network of certified auto transport companies.  We provide you with the car carriers insurance, permits, and all company information for you to review; all in one package.  We provide the FMSCA resource where you can research the auto shipper of your choice. We connect you to the national reliability ratings web site (SAFER). Your vehicle is being shipped with a certified auto transport company.

Federal Motor Carrier Safey Administration

What You need to do:

     1. Determine whether your vehicle is being shipped locally / nationally or internationally.
     2. Fill out the form.
     3. Choose the transporter.
In less than a minute, you'll have the transporter you need.

DIRECT AUTO SHIP's other goal is to educate YOU about auto / vehicle transporting.


DIRECT AUTO SHIP is becoming the most trusted auto transport service in the country.  We are taking the worry and care out of wondering about your vehicle. DIRECT AUTO SHIP has made vehicle moving simple.  We connect you directly to a dependable auto transporter that can ship your vehicle to any destination, either local, national or international. Whether it is a car, SUV, motorcycle, ATV or even boat relocation, DIRECT AUTO SHIP will provide the right vehicle shipping resource.

DIRECT AUTO SHIP connects you to the transporter of your choice, to move your car or vehicle with NO middle man!

Moving can be a challenging time, car or motorcycle shipping shouldn't be your main concern. Knowing the location of your vehicle makes car shipment easy.  Dealing directly with the right auto transporter will eliminate confusion, delays, and make car transportation a simple process.  All Transporters run specific routes.  We connect you to the right auto transporter that runs the route you need your car shipped. All you, as the consumer, needs to do is to know two zip codes, the one your car is at presently, and the zip code your car is being shipped to.   So, whether you are shipping an inoperable car, luxury vehicle, or exotic car, you will be provided the auto transport resource.  If you're looking for enclosed vehicle shipping, were your vehicle is protected from the elements of the air; you will be connected with the right enclosed transport company.  Save money and time and have the carefree comfort and knowing you can contact the transporter at any time!

Local Auto Transporting

Local auto transporting is transporting your vehicle within the state the vehicle is located. You will find on this web site several local auto transport companies to help you move your car(s) fast and effectively. There are over 10,000 local auto transport companies for you to shop for the shipment of your vehicle. Make sure they are trusted and certified. Using the internet to find an auto transport can be emotionally draining because 90% of all online companies are brokers. The other 10% are hard-to-find companies. Then once you find a legitimate transporter, most likely they will not be transporting within the routes you need. In most cases they are going to broker the car to another transporter that runs your routes. DIRECT AUTO SHIP has done the work for you and have taken the guessing out of your search. Entering the zip codes of the pick up city and delivery city, entering the type of vehicle and then the type of truck you want your vehicle shipped on; will take you to a quality transporter that runs these zip codes.

National Auto Transporting

National auto transport is transporting your vehicle within the Continental U.S., excluding Hawaii and Alaska. (Hawaii and Alaska are considered international auto transport.) On this site, there are several national auto transport companies to help you move your car(s) fast and effectively. There are over 4,000 national auto transport companies for you to shop for the shipment of your vehicle. DIRECT AUTO SHIP has taken the guessing out of finding a quality transporter. Entering the zip codes of the pick up city and delivery city, entering the type of vehicle and then the type of truck you want your vehicle shipped on; will take you to a quality transporter that runs these zip codes.  

International Auto Transport

International auto transport is transporting your vehicle over seas, including Hawaii, Alaska and Canada. When shipping your vehicle out of the United States it can be confusing and emotionally draining. You have to find what port your vehicle needs to be shipped out of and to. Then you need to find a national or local transporter to get your vehicle to that port. Next you have to pay taxes, tariffs, and have your paperwork in perfect order. Eliminate finding yourself half through the process was not everything correct and your vehicle is sitting waiting for bureaucracy to straighten things out. Our site provides you with companies that will handle every step of this process for you. They have years of experience with all the ports, customs and transporters to give you safe and reliable international auto transportation.

Comments and Analysis

Our experience with auto shippers is that although they may advertise fast, responsible and affordable shipping services, their contract does not guarantee anything. Many such firms do not ship your auto themselves despite entering a contract with you, but act as a broker and subcontract the transport agreement to a third party.

Complaints about these companies generally allege that vehicles are not picked up or are not delivered on the date promised, that they are damaged during transport, or that claims for loss or damage are not paid. Deliveries may be days or weeks later than the window given, and the owner may have to rent a car while waiting for delivery or for repair from damages.

Although a broker may legally be liable for any loss or damage you suffer, they will probably refer you to the actual transporter for recourse. The transporter may be reluctant to accept responsibility for the damages. Unless you are dealing with a reputable company, you will probably find it extremely difficult to collect for your damages.

We do recommend checking with your own insurance company in advance to see if your policy will cover any damages resulting from the shipment. If not, you may be able to purchase a short-term policy that will cover these costs. You should also remove all personal possessions from your car before it is picked up for shipment.